In order for developers to have a consistent experience between CI and local testing, we are using a locally built container image that mimics the ones that Github Actions uses.

NOTE: The first time you run any of the test suites below, it will build the image which will take a few minutes. Following test runs will be quicker.

To make testing easier, there are a few commands that mirror our suites in CI:

$ make unit_tests_suite
$ make quality_and_translations_tests_suite

This will run the Python, the Javascript tests, and our quality and translation suite, respectively.

Writing Python Tests#

Tests should be written for all new features. The Django docs are a good resource for learning how to test Django code.

Writing JS tests#

All new front-end features should be made with React, subsequently, all tests written for those features should use the Jest testing framework.


All code must be autoformatted or it will fail quality checks. All you need to do to autoformat your PR is run make format.